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Jaime Hilditch

The Earth Needs a Break from Plastic


Jaime is a new author with a particular focus on global environmental and social equity issues. She is developing a series of books to be shared with youth, recognizing the inherent importance of their ideas and imaginations, and recognizing that they are our future. 

This book is the first in a series that Jaime is developing. The Earth Needs a Break from Plastic informs and inspires our youth to reduce their plastic footprint on the planet and to get creative with other types of materials and tactics. This book will be most appreciated by kids aged six to eight years old. It uses rhyming, paper cutouts and collected plastic debris to directly engage youth in creating environmental solutions.

Jaime’s book was a Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) Award Finalist and won Third Place under the Editorial and Book Design category at the Advertising & Design Club of Canada’s (ADCC) Awards.

Published by Friesen Press

Books in Process: Seasons in Fashion

book spread

The Earth Needs a Break from Plastic

Written by Jaime Hilditch


“The Earth Needs a Break from Plastic,” the first in a series of books educating young people about global issues. This edition focuses on plastic; a useful but dangerous material. The book offers alternative materials that children can use instead of plastic. Paper cut-outs and collected plastics were used to form the book’s illustrations. All products used were environmentally friendly, including paper scraps and cut-offs.

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